Quad RF Driver

  • Wide Band, 35MHz to 2GHz
  • 1W per Channel RF Output Power
  • 4 phase locked digital RF synthesizers
  • Independent Phase, Frequency, and Amplitude adjust
  • Synthesizer Bypass for “Amplifier” mode
  • External Modulation and Reference Inputs
  • USB control / compact package


The Quad RF Driver contains four independent RF channels, each with an RF synthesizer, variable attenuator, and 1W power amplifier.  The RF signal can originate from either the internal synthesizer or an external source via SMA input.  All channels have independent frequency, phase, and gain settings and can be operated in one of two modes.  The “Wideband” mode operates from 35MHz to 2GHz with a 3.472KHz resolution; over this range the frequency roll-off is approximately 0.5dB/100MHz.  “Int-N Phase Adjust” mode allows the user to set and maintain a fixed  phase relationship between all four channels.  This mode is designed to operate between 300 and 460MHz with a 2MHz resolution.  Two additional inputs are provided for an external frequency reference and digital modulation.