Optical Testers

Selection Table

ModelMin (Mbps)Max (Mbps)SFPXFPQSFPSMAFeatures

MultiChannel BERT
1,24429,000X4 to 12 Channels with Eye-Scan, 1U 19" Chassis

Eye-BERT MicroX30
1,24429,000XHigh Speed with Eye-Scan

Eye-BERT MicroX10
1,24414,500XLow Cost with Eye-Scan
Eye-BERT 100G alt
Eye-BERT 100G
1,24429,000XXX4 channel BERT with Eye-Scan and CDR/Media Converter Mode

Eye-BERT 40G
9,95311,318X4 channel BERT

Eye-BERT Gen2
12511,318XXE/O BERT with CDR/Media Converter Mode

Eye-BERT Micro 10G
9,95311,318XLow Cost

Eye-BERT Micro
1254,250XLow Cost

Eye-BERT Micro LR
6.312125XMicro BERT with SMA, 1310, or 1550nm

Optical Signal Test Set
Lower Meter, Laser Source, Variable Optical Attenuator. Dual OEM version available

Laser Pulse Generator
Up to Eight Combined DWDM or CWDM Wavelengths