System and Product Design

Capabilities include the development and analysis of data links and system using fiber optics, free space, and RF.  Other system design experience includes the development of sensing and control equipment, automated test systems and instrumentation, and other application specific proprietary systems.

Fiber Optics

Expertise includes design and packaging of high density fiber optical systems utilizing splitters, variable attenuators, power detectors, monitors, high speed receivers and transmitters, switches, filters, multiplexers, and on site fusion splicing.

Analog Design

Expertise includes everything from low noise / high sensitivity analog sensing circuitry to high speed video signal processing, filtering, and digitization electronics to closed loop servo systems and custom power conversion electronics.

Digital and Programmable Logic Design

Experience ranges from high speed discrete logic designs to complex FPGA, CPLD, and microprocessor based hardware systems.

RF Design

Expertise includes wideband RF signal conditioning, control, and transmission electronics to 24GHz, customized RF data transmitters, receivers, modulators, and drivers.  Wireless standards include embedded Bluetooth, 802.11, and Zigbee.

Electro Optic Design

Expertise includes the development of speed, high power laser drivers, optical phase modulator drivers, PIN and APD optical receivers, AOM and AOBD RF modulators, and ultra sensitive optical power monitors.

Embedded Firmware and Software

Most everything we design now has an embedded microprocessor for monitoring and control.  Most of our designs also include a communication channel such as RS232, USB, Ethernet, or RS485.

PCB Layout

Designs from complex high speed multi-layer BGA based digital boards to high bandwidth RF boards using techniques such as stripline, microstrip, coplanar waveguides, tuning stubs, embedded antennas, and control of ground currents on a variety of dielectric materials.