Eye-BERT MicroX

  • 1.244 to 29Gbps
  • Two Models
  • PRBS 2^7 to 2^63
  • Eye Scanning
  • Eye Opening Monitor
  • Tunable Wavelength
  • User Replaceable SFP
  • SFP Register Read/Write
  • Automated SFP Testing
  • Compact Package


The Eye-BERT MicroX is a compact, easy to use test solution offering high performance bit error rate testing at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.  The unit is offered in two speed grades including the X10 which operates up to 14.5Gbps, and the X30 which extends the data rate to 29Gbps.  Its broad data rate capabilities and long test patterns make this unit suitable for testing nearly all optical SFP, SFP+, and SFP28 transceivers in production with just one unit. The real-time eye opening monitor and eye scanning capability can aid in troubleshooting by providing the operator with additional link quality information.  Other features include Autonomous pattern detection, SFP diagnostic tools, and wavelength tuning (per transceiver capability).  With a click of a button the Eye-BERT MicroX will automatically test an SFP module based on its advertised capabilities and generate a detailed test report complete with manufacturer, part number, serial number, date code, fiber type, link length, speed, and test results.  The Unit is supplied with anti-skid bumpers and is small enough to be integrated into larger systems for dedicated link verification.