Eye-BERT 40G

  • 39.81 to 44.58Gbps (4 channels x 10Gb)
  • User Replaceable QSFP
  • Composite and Individual BERT Measurements
  • Pattern Inversion
  • USB Interface
  • Color Touch Screen
  • Compact package


The Eye-BERT 40G packs 40Gbps of test capability and a color touch screen into a compact, easy to use tester.  The Eye-BERT 40G offers high performance stand alone bit error rate testing at a fraction of the cost of competing testers.  Its small size and stand alone operation allow for convenient field testing of QSFP transceivers as well as link verification and performance testing all in a single unit. The automated QSFP test feature also allows the user to quickly verify transceiver performance and automatically generate a report complete with unit serial number.