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Eye-BERT 100G:

Bit Error Rate Tester with Eye-Scan

   1 to 116Gbps

   QSFP28, SMA, SFP28

   E/O, O/E, CDR


Eye-BERT 40G:

Bit Error Rate Tester

   39.81 to 44.58Gb


   Color touch screen


                               Eye-BERT Gen2:

Bit Error Rate Tester

   125Mb to 11.4Gbps

   SMA, SFP+

   Color touch screen

   E/0, O/E




   622.08Mbps to 12.5Gbps

   Electrical and optical input

   SFP+ output

   Real time figure of merit


Eye-BERT Micro 10G:

Bit Error Rate Tester

   9.90 to 11.4 Gbps

   XFP interface


                               Eye-BERT Micro:

Bit Error Rate Tester

   125Mbps to 4.25Gbps

  SFP interface


Eye-BERT Micro LR:

Bit Error Rate Tester

   6.312 to 125Mbps

   Optical or SMA interface


Phase Modulated RF Driver:

Acousto-optic Driver

    Two Phase 50 to 150MHz DDS Driver

    External Optical Stabilizer


Multi-Channel RF Driver:

Acousto-optic Driver

   External or Internal 150 to 250MHz DDS Source

   Programmable External, Internal, or RAM Modulation


High Power AOD Driver:

   150 to 200MHz acousto-optic driver with three phase output

   High IP3, 10W P1dB output per phase










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