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·  622.08Mbps to 12.5Gbps

·  Optical and Electrical

·  Eye Scanning

·  Automatic Bit Rate Measurement

·  Adaptive Input Equalization

·  Real-time Q Factor Measurement

·  Stand-alone and Computer Controlled

·  Color Touch Screen

·   Internal CDR




The Eye-Scope is a highly integrated, low cost instrument capable of measuring and displaying the “Q-factor” and eye-diagram of NRZ signals up to 12.5Gbps.  The unit provides many features not found in higher priced units including both electrical and optical inputs and outputs, an internal CDR, and a color display allowing true stand-alone operation.  Operation is simple: the unit automatically locks onto and displays the data rate and “Q-factor” of any valid input signal and pressing the touch screen will scan and display the eye-diagram.  Electrical and SFP+ outputs are provided allowing in-line signal monitoring.




Data Sheet

User’s Manual

Software Application

Software Programmer’s Guide