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  6.312 to 125Mbps

  Autonomous data rate measurement

  Synchronous clock output

  Variable data rates in 1Hz increments

  PRBS 27, 211, 215, 223, 231-1, K28.5, DCD

  Programmable pulse generation 10nS to 1mS, 1 to 99% DC

  Compact package

   Electrical or optical interface




The Eye-BERT Micro LR is a low cost, easy to use test solution offering BER testing at any rate between 6.312 and 125Mbps on either optical or electrical interfaces.Features include: continuously variable bit rate, user programmable pulse generator, internal CDR with retimer mode, bit rate measurement, and recovered clock output. The Unit is supplied with anti-skid bumpers for bench use, and is small enough to be integrated into larger systems for dedicated link verification.




Data Sheet

Userís Manual

Software Application

Software Programmerís Guide