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  Digital Synthesizer on Each Channel with Individual Phase, Freq, Amplitude Control

  Individual Programmable Modulation: Internal, External, RAM Table

  Up to 32 Independent High Linearity RF Channels

  Temperature / Power Monitor and Protection

  USB and Ethernet with Alarm Output

   Internal / External Reference




The MultiChannel RF Driver is a 32 channel signal generator / amplifier intended to drive multchannel acousto-optic cells such as the Harris H-601.The driver can be operated either as an RF amplifier, providing 32dB of gain or as a high power signal generator making use of a dedicated 1GSPS, 14bit digital synthesizer on each channel.Modulation can be performed through the use of the internal source, external global input, external individual input, or programmable 16K sample RAM lookup table.




Data Sheet

Userís Manual

Software Application

Software Programmerís Guide